Sep 23, 2016 02:46 AM EDT

‘Civilization 6’ Update: New Leader from Greece Arrives; First Look Of Rome Revealed [VIDEOS]

By Jayson R.

Players of the popular strategy game "Civilization 6" has just introduced a new leader from Greece - Pericles.

A month away from its official release, Firaxis surprised gamers after it announced the arrival of a new leader. Historically, Pericles is known to be a noble statesman and orator who has great contributions in the Greek civilization during the Golden Age of Athens. In fact, one of his remarkable feats is the invasion of Persia in 478 B.C., making it logical only to have him as a leader in "Civilization 6."

Pericles incorporation in the game entails some of the specific characteristics and advantages that players can enjoy. As to the gameplay, Pericles has unique ability called Plato's Republic which serves as the wildcard of the players, no matter what kind of government they choose to play in the game. Additionally, they can make use of Acropolis, similar to that of Theater district, which refers to the cultural bonus that players can get for adjacent district; however, it is a must that the building needs to be built on a hill. After all, Acropolis literally means upper city.

Furthermore, the military force under Pericles can make use of a special unit, otherwise known as Hoplite, PCGamesN reported. The bonus this gives gets activated if another Hoplite is adjacent to it. Another ability of the Greek leader is called Surrounded by Glory which basically gives additional bonus in culture for every vassal city-state which regards Greece as its Suzerain.

In other news, according to its official forum, "Civilization 6" has just been awarded with an E-10 rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This did not come as a surprise for fans, since previous installments of the game have also been rated the same.

With this, players can start building an empire upon the release of "Civilization 6" on Oct. 21.

See the first look of Rome and Greece below:

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