Sep 26, 2016 01:37 AM EDT

Microsoft Compensates Users with Windows 10 Update Problems

Many consumers have reported or complained over the update of the Windows 10 on their personal computers. Complaint claims range from an unwanted upgrade, and that some other computer functions also stopped working,

Consumer watchdog website Which reported that they had over 1000 complaints that the update has caused nothing but problems. These include unwanted automatic installation of Windows 10, syncing problems, lost files, printers, and wi-fi cards and speakers that are no longer working.

In an interview with Telegraph, director policy of Which Alex Neill mentioned that "Many people are having issues with Windows 10 and we believe Microsoft should be doing more to fix the problem." He added that people today are heavily reliant on computers and that problems are frustrating and stressful for users.

Which also reported a survey of 2,500 people, wherein 12 percent reverted back to their previous OS after unwanted upgrades with Windows 10. In a previous case, a United States customer Teri Goldstein received $10,000 compensation after the update left her computer unsuable for days. She had lost $17,000 in her business when her computer rendered unusable. She also claimed that Micorosft offered her $150 but Goldsten filed a case against the tech giant in court.

In response to the research, Microsoft said, "The Windows 10 upgrade is designed to help people take advantage of the most secure and productive Windows. Should a customer need help with the upgrade experience, we have numerous options, including free customer support."

Which is calling to all consumers affected by the upgrade to come forward and be aware of their rights as consumers.

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