Oct 04, 2016 01:26 PM EDT

No Loom for Google Now That They Have Star-Trek Computer

There is no denying that Google is one of the most highly valuable companies in the world. This is so because Google makes everyone else's lives easy through the internet. To date, Google was reported to have been into making our lives a little bit more comfy with Google Assistant? Let's see. 

Google is making a lot of money from ads placed on the world wide web, the big question now is what will happen to them if the internet suddenly collapses?

Well, the tech giant has its answer.

Though we may not be seeing that Google is also worried at something, they have been building what others referred to as a not-so-secret weapon, an all-powerful machine - the Google Assistant.

Moreover, in a report from The Economic Times said that Google has spent a huge financial and engineering resources just to collect and have a data mining and artificial intelligence systems. This will be used by Google in its ultimate aim of producing a somewhat like talking computer on "Star Trek".

In a report from The New York Times, the says that the Google Assistant (the Star-Trek-style computer) is like other digital helpers we know today, namely: Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana. Google Assistant is currently in Google's new messaging app, Allo, and the giant tech company said that it will also be featured in a few new gadgets that the company would be launching in the near future. These gadgets include a new smartphone and an Amazon Echo-like talking computer called Google Home.

"The "Star Trek" computer is no metaphor. The company believes that machine learning has advanced to the point that it is now possible to build a predictive, all-knowing, superhelpful and conversational assistant of the sort that Captain Kirk relied on to navigate the stars," this according to The New York Times.

Reports also said that Mr. Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google after the tech giant was split into a conglomerate called Alphabet, has bet the company on the new tech. However, Pichai declined an interview request regarding the matter but news outlets said that at Google's developer conference in May, Pichai called the development of the Assistant "a seminal moment" for the company.

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