Oct 07, 2016 11:59 AM EDT

ULA Blamed From SpaceX Explosion; Investigation Team Found SpaceX Breach

By Paula

The SpaceX is getting the buzz this week because of claims that it was sabotaged by the United Launch Alliance (ULA).

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk doesn't agree with this but is aware of the theories, even tweeting an article about the sabotage conspiracy. However, SpaceX investigators believed to have found odd shadows and white spot while reviewing video footage from the launched. Jalopnik reported.

Conspiracy theorists believe this to be a rooftop sniper hired by the ULA. ULA handled other rocket launches for NASA like the Altas and Delta rocket launches. The Accident Investigation Team said that they need to finish the investigation first before they gave any final statements regarding the explosion.

The Accident Investigation Team explained that it is their obligation to look at every possible cause of the explosion, The Washington Post said. However, it is certain that the explosion happened in the Falcon 9's upper stage helium system, which is used to pressurize the fuel and oxidizer tanks to help deplete the fuel and oxidizers.

The blast came from the cryogenic oxygen tank that contains helium vessels. There was a rupture on the helium lines that created a fireball. The Investigation Team explained that they found a breach on the second stage of the helium system, but the cause of the breach still remains unknown.

ULA is blamed because they have a facility near the SpaceX launch center called SMARF (Solid Motor Assembly and Readiness Facility),

As of the moment, there are no hard evidence to support this theory.

Musk explained that finding out the cause of the explosion is their top priority. He explained that there are still other questions that needs to be answered; however, he didn't detailed what questions are these.

There are few house members who said that the federal government must be the one investigating the explosion but SpaceX still continues to lead the investigation.

As the investigation continues, SpaceX will return to flight in November.

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