Oct 12, 2016 01:06 PM EDT

Danish Genes Are Homogenous

By Paula

Scientists found out that Danish people from different parts of the country have the similar genetic makeup.

They gathered genetic material from 800 high school Danish students, Science Daily reported.

For this study, the scientists added four European datasets to properly distinguish the Danish genetic pattern. They looked at the DNA of 400 students whose paternal and maternal grandparents were born in the country.

Their findings show that majority of the students were related to each other, despite them leaving in other parts of the country. The scientists therefore concluded that students whose grandparents were born in Denmark were genetically homogenous.

The findings showed that Denmark is a homogenous population. The scientist disregarded the Denmark migration of the last two generations.

Lead-Scientist Georgios Athanasiadis said that these findings came from "Where are you from?" an outreach program where students are asked to give samples of DNA and other demographic information for study.

EurekAlert reported that the response from the students were overwhelming. Athanasiadis said that they had more interested participant than their budget can handle.

He explained that Denmark has been in contact with different race. This project gives them a clear vision of the genetic structure of the country.

Athanasiadis admitted that their project did not include the migration to the country that has increased the ethnic diversity of the country. He said there are regions in the country there were underrepresented because of the method that they used.

He also admitted that their study did not focus on the rare variations of their DNA. They looked at the genetic variation common with the students.

Denmark had a huge impact in European history. The genetic variations of Danish people can add to European History.

Just recently, a study showed conducted in the United Kingdom showed that Denmark had a huge connection with the country.

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