Oct 15, 2016 05:55 AM EDT

Tatooine Worlds Can Better Survive Stars Evolution

By Paula

Planets in Tatooine Worlds, planets that has two orbiting stars, are more likely to survive their stars' evolution than our planet. Veselin Costov of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center explained that these planets survive by moving to wider orbits. He explained that this is different from what our planet will experience billions of years from now.

He added that if the sun evolve and expand it will engulf Mercury and Venus probably including Earth. He said that if we have a second star our fate will be different, Science Daily reported.

Costov stressed that having two stars allows a "common envelope" where the two stars share a common atmosphere. This happens when one star evolves and expands into a red giant allowing the two stars to exchange materials, which might create a supernova explosion or simply lose its mass.

For this research, the researchers simulated nine exoplanets orbiting a binary star. They found out that planets can avoid annihilation through migrating as far as the orbital distance of Pluto.

There will be planets that will be ejected on our solar system or planets will be swapping places from one another if we do this, Inverse reported.  

Keavin Moore of York University explained that the planet's reconfiguration will have a dramatic effect on the planets. He explained that there is a possibility that in some distant parts of the universe there are planets that migrated from another orbit, making it habitable.

This will help researchers understand other stars like Alpha Centauri, which is the closest star system to our planet, located 4.3 light-years away.They believe that studying planetary movements on planets with binary stars will help better understand Alpha Centauri and the planets surrounding it.

As of to date, there has been great interest on Alpha Centauri. Scientist believe this to be a habitable planet while, conspiracy theorists believe that there are aliens living near the star. 

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