Oct 17, 2016 04:35 AM EDT

'CIA' Reportedly Cooks Up 'Cyber Attack' Against Russia For Campaign And Election Interference

By Leah

CIA is allegedly planning for a cyber attack against Russia, according to a U.S. Intelligence official. The attack was said to be America's response to Russia's alleged planned interference over the U.S. national elections.

CIA has reportedly been opening cyber doors in preparation for the attack. Documents that could serve as evidence against Vladimir Putin, Russian President are now being gathered to back up the allegations of the president's tactics, The Fortune reported.

The Obama administration is currently looking at two possible options and ways to retaliate on Russia's alleged interference in the U.S. national elections as well as the campaign proper. The first one is the traditional measure such as sanctions or through cyber means. As of the moment, the confirmation on the actualization and details of the attack remains unrevealed. The government remains divided on the matter as some are in favor while some are not.

Joe Biden, U.S. Vice President said that the cyber attack is to send a message to the Russian government that U.S. has the capacity to do it and that even at the point of choosing and being under circumstances that America has the greatest impact.

Two former CIA agents revealed that this is not the first time that U.S will be planning for a cyber attack. White House has requested CIA to come up with plans against Russia. Among the considered plans was the cyber strike. The project, however, did not materialize instead ended up being abandoned.

One thing remains for sure as of the moment; the Obama administration is not considering physical attacks to solve the case. Michael Morell, former Deputy Director for CIA said that the country does not want to set a precedence of physical attack to other countries, The NBC News reported.

Reports in the past months revealed that Russia was behind Wikileaks releasing Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate's emails.

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