Oct 17, 2016 10:59 AM EDT

Space Wars Can Be Sooner Than You Think

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By Paula

Researchers observed that countries with high-military influences seemed to develop firearms that can attack in space.

Deborah Lee James, Air Force Secretary, explained that they have to be ready if Earth's conflict happens in Space. She explained that it is important they know how to defend their country.

There has been a growing alarm in the US military about their satellite vulnerabilities, Yahoo News reported.

They explained that space has now been accessible to other nations and private corporations. They said that Moscow and Beijing seemed to be enhancing their ability to attack countries in outer space.

The Express Tribune  explained that since last year Russia seemed to be developing satellites that has the ability to attack by locking through a target. They reported that the craft just positioned itself between two satellites located in the geostationary orbit for several months.

They also said that China has demonstrated its ability in sending low-orbit satellite that are capable to move towards other satellites. Three years ago, China launched small satellites into orbit including a satellite that has a robotic arm.

Researchers believe that US must speed up their military efforts in space. They must also put a tighter lock in the US military communication networks.

John Hyten, Air Force Space Command General, explained that the US Department of Defence has already created aggressive movement to develop a response to China and Russia.

He explained that the country has developed effective forms of attacking in space. They've developed non kinetic crafts that don't leave space debris but they have limited space attacks.

Researchers believe that United States should show restraint. They said that Pentagon they may have some space craft that has the ability to oppose China and Russia.

However, some researchers oppose this and believe that this is exaggerated by the US National Security Community. They said that that the country is probably not comfortable in losing its space power.

As of to date, the US has been testing missiles as an offensive strategy to these satellites. They also acquired satellites that can move in orbit to inspect other space crafts.

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