Oct 18, 2016 09:29 AM EDT

'Apple' Self Driving Car: Apple Plans Focusing In Building Software

By Leah

Apple was reported to be turning away from its self-driving car plan. Instead, the company allegedly plans of focusing more on building the software and focus less on the physical composition.

Reports revealed that Apple's "Project Titan", the title given for Apple's self-driving car project will no longer be focusing on its original goal. It will rather be focusing more on Android like strategy instead of iPhone technique.

Rumors began spreading when employees began leaving the company in August and September. Automotive engineers were released and reassigned as confirmation that Apple is no longer working on hardware components.

Reports say that Apple is now planning to partner with operating car manufacturers. Instead of spending years in trying to make their own self-driving car and ending up in a costly mistake, the company wants to focus more on where they think they can do best, The Tech Crunch reported.

There are also reports saying that Apples' decision to let go of manufacturing cars is the change in leadership. Project Titan was originally lead by Steve Zadesky, Apple VP of Product Design.

Zadesky was authorized by Tim Cook, Apple CEO to hire 1,000 employees. The said employees were hired to work on vehicle design and automotive technology in a top-secret research lab. The research lab was later revealed to have started in 2014 and turned out to be Apple's big step in creating an electric vehicle.

It was not until February that the mysterious project was revealed when Johann Jungwirth, former Mercedes-Benz Research and Development executive was hired for the project. The act exposed Apple's automotive research effort.

However, Zadesky announced his plan to leave Apple in January 2016 and caused some changes in the plans as well as the release date of the project. Bob Mansfield who retired in 2012 yet stayed as advisor took the leadership on the project.

There are still no confirmations on the Apple Car development and how far it is expected to go. The company aims to launch this much-awaited innovation in 2021, Mac Rumors reported.

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