Oct 19, 2016 03:16 AM EDT

Sweaty Robot Created by Japanese Scientists

By Paula

Researchers from the University of Tokyo created Kengoro, an exercise robot that can sweat like human beings.

Kengoro is a human-like robot that measures around 5.5 feet. It is physically similar to humans and can do pushups.

According to Christian Science Monitor, Kengoro needed a complicated water-cooling system that's quite bulky and takes up a huge amount of space. To resolve this, they used the frame of the robot to distribute deionized water.

They explained that the researchers designed the robot's skeleton to distribute water to the frame in order to keep the robot's motor in peak condition.  Toyotaka Kozuki, lead scientist of the project, explained that they added more functions to the frame that's usually just for support.

He explained that aside from using the frame for support and water transfer, they also used it to release hit. Kozuki also pointed out that the key to their success is in Kengoro's aluminum frame.

The researchers used laser sintering, similar to 3D printing, that bonds metal together using a laser which created the "artificial perspiration." Vector News reported.

"The water passes through the skeleton while gathering heat before it seeped into an absorptive layer which evaporates and takes the heat," they explained.

 The researchers said that the sweat enables Kengoro to efficiently do exercises. They stressed that the robot managed to do pushups for 11 minutes without overheating.

They also explained that artificial perspiration has its negative effects. They added that even though this method provides less bulk to the robot, it's less effective than ordinary robotic cooling system.

"It's like a human that needs rehydration rather than an actual robot,' they researchers stressed. They explained that these project was inspired by nature.

This is not the first time a nature inspired product was created by scientists. Just recently, researchers from MIT created a wetsuit that's furry which will help surfer stay warm inspired by sea otters and beavers.

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