Oct 19, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Spoilers: Han Solo Funeral Revealed; Luke Killed Rey’s Parents?

The last "Star Wars" movie, "The Force Awakens" caused heart break to a lot of fans. Beloved character Han Solo (Harrison Ford) was seen pleading with his son Kylo Ren to come back with him in the hopes of saving his son from the dark force. Kylo Ren seemingly repentant asked Han Solo to help him in which he agrees. Much to the fans shocked, Kylo Ren then impales his father with his light saber. Han Solo for the last time touched his son's face before falling off the bridge.

"Star Wars Episode 8" Spoilers

Rumors have surfaced that Han Solo might still be alive after his fall and that he will make an appearance in the upcoming film. However, fans who were hoping for the rumor to be true seemed to have lost all hopes when Carrie Fisher who plays the iconic role Princess Leia misunderstood the question when she was interviewed about her ideas on the time period between the "Return of The Jedi" and "The Force Awakens." According to the Huffington Post, Carrie Fisher mistakenly said, "Han's funeral..."

She quickly realized her mistake and corrected herself and said, "The old one, oh, Han and I have a very, very volatile relationship, obviously, which leads to space divorce as you know. No, I don't think we are divorced - just estranged."

Could it mean that we will see Han Solo's funeral on the upcoming movie and see a proper send-off for the beloved character or does it mean that her group had already attended his funeral and that we will no longer see Han Solo in the movie?

There are also speculations that contrary to the popular belief that Luke is Rey's father, theories surfaced that Luke may actually have killed Rey's parents. She will find out about this secret after her training with Luke and will become a villain due to this.

All these are really exciting theories but fans will have to wait for "Star Wars Episode 8" that is set to be released on December 17 this year.

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