Oct 19, 2016 10:24 AM EDT

Review: 'Google Pixel' Amazing Innovations Beyond Expectation

By Leah

Google Pixel has been counting days after it was officially launched. However, Pixel users continue to be amazed on how Google's innovation does not stop giving better stories to tell as days go by.

Right from the moment, it was introduced, Google Pixel has been closely compared to iPhone. iPhone has Siri, while Google has Assistant. It indeed had the appearance close to that of Apple's pride, but it differs and even outworks its competitors in some very tangible and literally visible aspects.

Better innovative service and amazing software performance are some of the aspects that Google Pixel boasts ahead of its competitors. With its 32 or 128 gig storage, there certainly is no room for lack of space to keep memories and important files handy.

An option to choose between the available colors gives Google Pixel users the advantage of expressing the way they want to express their Pixel. Users even describe it as having the competence and attractiveness of an iPhone yet loaded with innovations beyond expectation, according to The Wired.

One special feature that puts Google Pixel ahead of others is its state of the art camera. It is the only one with a wide range camera so users no need to bring their selfie stick as it can capture the whole picture of the story.

The 8-megapixel front camera produces 12-megapixel photos and it even lets users enjoys watching its 4K videos. It makes even the dull moments captured come to life with its auto enhance feature making the pictures appear brighter and look more vibrant. Its real-time automatic HDR processing transforms add color to lifeless photos right before the user's eyes.

Brian Rakowski, vice president of product management for Google describes Google Pixel as "best in class." He even said that this is not just the best camera they have made but the best smartphone camera ever made.

Google Pixel currently holds the record of being awarded the highest score ever awarded to a phone by DxOMark, rating the quality of smartphone and DSLR cameras, The Verge reported.

Watch this video for more about the Google Pixel.

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