Oct 20, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Fake Apple Charger On Amazon: Apple Says 90% Chargers Sold At Amazon Not Genuine

By Leah

Apple chargers on Amazon are reportedly fake. Majority of cables and power accessories under the said brand sold in Amazon were found to be not genuine according to the Patently Apple.

A legal document from Apple stated that 90 percent of the over 100 various iPhone products they bought were proven to be fake. Among those said products are lightning cables, power cables, chargers, and accessories, which were later removed from sale in response to Apple's complaint. The purchase made by the company was part of its efforts in the past nine months for brand protection.

The Business Insider reports that Apple is filing a lawsuit against Mobile Star LCC, one of Amazon's suppliers and responsible behind the fake products that Apple bought from the online store. The lawsuit is filed against the said supplier's act of supplying counterfeit products. The products were made to appear genuine using the Apple trademark and product images to make it appear authentic.

Amazon, on the other hand, released a statement assuring its customers that they have zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeit products on their site. They said that they are working close with their suppliers and manufacturers. They also added that they are determined to pursue the wrongdoers aggressively.

With the counterfeiting technology of trying to make the fake ones look exactly like the original, arises the challenge to consumers on how to identify genuine Apple products from the fake ones. Apple reminds consumer to be cautious when products seem to be significantly lower than the suggested price or too cheap to be true. Checking Amazon product reviews could be a great help to be knowledgeable about the product's customer feedback.

Buying counterfeit products put to risk not only the Apple costumers but every consumer as well. Fake products might be poorly constructed and did not undergo the industry standard check, the 9 to 5 Mac reported.

Here is a short video about identifying genuine from counterfeit products.

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