Oct 21, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Planet Nine Soon To Be Discovered

By Paula

It might not be long until scientists discover Planet Nine in the outer solar system, reports claim.

Astronomer Mike Brown is hoping to find the planet in 16 months. They want that the they'll be talking about the planet's discovery the next time they talk about it.

The planet's existence was first proposed by two astronomers, Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujillo, in 2014. They explained that Planet is two to 15 times larger than Earth, Space reported.

Brown and his colleagues in Caltech solidified this when they found pertuber's influence, low-lying resonances, on the orbit of distant objects. The planet is considered a putative world, it contains about 10 Earth masses and orbits on an elongated elliptical path.

The researchers admitted that they're on a blind search. They said that the chance of success on finding the planet is little.

They estimated that Planet Nine is currently around 1,000 AU for the sun. It is in a sky that measures around 400 square degrees.

Planet Nine is four times wider than our planet and if it gets close enough to Earth, it can be visible to the naked eye. A site dedicated to finding the planet explained that backyard telescopes can see the planet if it comes close to Earth.

It stressed that because it can't be seen through our telescope, it is possible that the planet is still not close enough to our planet. However, Brown explained to the public that a planet such as Planet Nine would have the brightness of +25 magnitude.

He added that this is within the reach of giant telescopes like Sabaru and Japanese National Large Telescope. He explained that aside from them, there are other people looking for the planet.

Even though, Brown is not sure if they're going to find the planet. Their main goal is to gather enough information to help other people that's looking for it.

"We want it found," Brown concluded.

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