Oct 21, 2016 06:50 AM EDT

How Bad Will This winter be in New York? Just be Prepared


Residents in the New York are anticipating bad weather in New York and expect to ride out the stormy weather when it comes.  There is no way one can predict how the weather will be but gathering information from the weatherman seems a most logical way to prepare for the worst.

According to the some weathermen in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), distant equatorial waters in the Pacific have a say on this regard. The phenomenon known as La Niña is what they are watching for.

This year, La Niña, a weather phenomenon less known as the famous La Niño, will be milder and of short duration so it is being widely watched by weather specialists in the country.

NOOA's Climate Prediction Center has released its forecast for the winter of 2016 to 2017 predicting dry and warmer weather conditions in the Southern United States and cooler and wetter conditions in the North. It is not definite where New York lies and weather experts are saying its weather can go either way, warm and dry or cold and wet.

With regards to precipitation or the amounts of rain or snow expected to fall from the sky, the prediction is wetter in Hawaii, around the great lakes and in the northern Rockies.  It will be drier than normal in southern Alaska and Southern U.S.

Drought will come to the southern U.S., northern and western Alaska, the central Rockies, Hawaii and northern New England. Drought is also expected in many areas in California and the Southwest with possibility of spreading to Southeastern U.S. and the southern Plains.

Drought prediction for New England is unclear but the western area will have lesser persistence than in the east. Conditions are seen to improve in northern California, northern Rockies and parts of Ohio Valley.

There are really no accurate predictions despite the scientific approached by NOAA. People just have to be prepared for the nasty environment winter can bring. 

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