Oct 22, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Meet Lynk & Co, The New Digital Car Brand; A New Phase In Car Industry

By Leah

Geely just launched one of the biggest names to watch out for in the car industry. "Lynk & Co" was officially launched on Oct. 20 at the Gothenburg's Lindholmen Science Park, Sweden, a forested landscape perfect for showcasing the engineering talents and equipment at a high level of technology.

"Lynk & Co" puts together the various unique characteristics from a list of well-loved car brands.

The reputation of safety that Volvo has is what Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) assured to be planted on this most recent car brand. CMA is a new platform for developing the cars of the future that Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) researchers of China and Geely, "Lynk & Co" developer have been working on for years to assure that assets and expertise of Volvo will be found in the new brand.

Another special feature of "Lynk & Co" is the onboard telematics. Technology being at the heart its design, Geely put in the assurance that this innovation will not lose connection "Lynk & Co" cloud. Making this kind of connection consistent is the company's partnership with Ericcson, sited a few minutes away from Volvo and the CEVT base. Third party engineers are continuing to develop more apps to be added that are available through its easily accessible 10.1-inch touchscreen that is mounted at the center of the rear driver's seat, according to Car Magazine.

Accessibility is not an issue as "Lynk & Co" vehicles are specially designed to easily share data among themselves. The calculation of the needed speed to make in time for the next stop or be able to make it to the green light, as well as available parking spaces, are just some of the significant links shareable with them.

Just like other car brands, "Lynk & Co" boasts on its own signature visual feature. The vertically protruding headlights known as the "piercing twin blades of light" will significantly be its trademark aside from it promised value perceived to be way beyond its price.

Sales of the "Lynk & Co" cars are made easily accessible to all through direct sales system. Middleman dealership making the transactions more costly will be completely eliminated, The Verge reported.

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