Oct 22, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

'Linked In' Passwords: Russian Arrested To Theft of 117 Million Linked In Passwords

By Leah

A Russian citizen was arrested in Prague, Czech Republic. Reports on Tuesday said that the arrest was due to his alleged part taken in the stealing of millions of Linked In passwords.

The raid carried out by the Czech Republic officials in collaboration with the FBI was executed on October 5. The man who arrived in the country 12 hours before his arrest was put under surveillance before being captured. The reports on the arrest were released weeks after it happened for what the officers called "tactical reasons."

The arrested Russian citizen did not show any resistance to the arrest. However, he was reported to be immediately brought to the hospital after collapsing. The hospital reported the suspect to have suffered a nervous breakdown, as per ARS Technica.

Police reported that the Russian suspect was driving around the city before being apprehended. He was seen in a luxury car with his girlfriend. The officers finally initiated the apprehension through a raid in the hotel where the suspect is temporary staying.

The Russian suspect was arrested for allegedly taking part in the 2012 breach of Linked In passwords. Linked In accounts were hacked including members information. Passwords and information were sold online and hackers were believed to have made a lot of money through the breach.

Authorities concern rose as the reported initial amount of hacked password of 6 million by then suddenly rose up to 117 million members' information, passwords ad email addresses. Making the compromise worse is the possibility of people using the same set of passwords and information to safeguard multiple accounts.

Linked In management released a statement on how they remained actively involved with the FBI's initiative to pursue the offenders since the 2012 breach of Linked In member information broke out. They also expressed their gratitude for FBI's dedication and hard work to solve the case. The Linked In management has upgraded to a more secure protection, The CNN reported.

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