Oct 24, 2016 10:59 AM EDT

Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Been Breached

By Paula

A satellite observation showed that there's a breach on the Earth's magnetic field, reports say.

The researchers explained that Themis, five NASA satellite, observed that our planet's magnetic field developed two cracks. This allowed solar winds to enter Earth's atmosphere.

The researchers explained that the satellite was launched to find geomagnetic disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere. It was launched in 2007 in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

They explained that each satellites caries similar instruments. They contain fluxgate magnetometer, electrostatic analyzer, solid state telescope, search-coil magnetometer and electric field instrument.

abc reported that they calculated a layer of solar particles that are 4,000 miles thick on the Earth's magnetosphere. These particles can be found on the outermost part of the magnetosphere. 

Marit Oieroset from University of California said that the particles are growing fast. She explained that this breaches are just temporary.

She explained that in 2015 they found a breach that lasted for about an hour. The researchers explained that Solar flares can be dangerous to astronauts but it's not a risk for humans on Earth.  

Oieroset explained that the solar breach has twenty times more solar wind that entered the Earth's shield. She explained that this happened when the magnetic field of Earth and sun are in opposite direction.

She explained that Themis satellite helped them look at the severity of solar storms. This allowed them to look at the effects on power grids, communication and satellite signals.

The Themis satellites were launched to find the source of brief powerful geomagnetic disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere.

Universe Today explained can be found using different ways but it's mostly an invisible field of magnetic force. They defined magnetic field as the force exerted on a moving charge.

They explained that magnetic fields were first discovered in 1750 by John Michell. He said that the force is under the Inverse Square Law, which means that the force was inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

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