Oct 24, 2016 11:02 AM EDT

Mars Probe Crash Landed

By Paula

Space probe Schiaparelli crash landed on Mars because of the fast speed its traveling, reports claim.

Schiaparelli experienced disturbance that caused it to crash land. NASA explained that it's possible that the lander exploded upon impact.

They explained that the thruster propellant tanks were probably still full. They explained that Schiaparelli was designed to aid the European Mars planetary mission in 2020, abc reported. 

They said that the probe was part of the ExoMars Program. It is a program that's aimed in finding evidence of life on Mars.

 Jon Woerner, NASA chief, explained that they are disappointed that they couldn't land softly on Mars. He said that they are still glad that Schiaparelli's mother ship was successfully placed into orbit.

He explained that they will be soon analyzing Mar's atmosphere for evidence of life. Woerner said that the main part of the mission will be the study of Mars' orbit.

Despite this, He said that the engineers could receive a lot of data before the lander crash. He believed that the mission was a 96 percent success.

Scientists believe that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) will give further photographic insights next week.  They said that MRO can distinguish ground objects from its location in Mars' orbit.

"They explained that the cause of the crash was because the parachute jettisoned early. The retrorockets that slows the robot to hover just above the surface fired for a few second when it should have fired for a half a minute," BBC reported.

The MRO images showed 15m x 40m dark patch that's probably caused by dust and rock fragments thrown from the impact. It can be found 5.5 km west of Meridiani where the probe is supposed to land.

They scientists also found a white blob which they believe is the 15m parachute. They believe that the clincher could be found 1 km to the south.

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