Oct 26, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

iPhone 7 Sets Car On Fire, Apple Initiates Investigation

By Leah

Apple is investigating a report that an iPhone 7 caught fire. The fire was big enough to have brought damages to the owner's car.

Mat Jones, an Australian surfing instructor was the reported victim of the said fire incident. Jones told reporters that he left his iPhone 7 wrapped in his trousers and positioned under the garment on his car seat before he locked the door of his car to go catch some waves.

The Australian instructor was surprised to find his car in an unusual state when he came back. He saw smokes coming from his vehicle. In an interview, he described the windows of his car to be black from the outside and that the inside of his vehicle could not be viewed through the window.

Jones said that as soon as he was able to open the door as he took the trousers that he used for wrapping his iPhone 7, ashes just began falling. When he wrapped open the trousers, he saw his phone melting from inside of it.

Apple, upon hearing the news of iPhone 7 catching fire, was immediately on the problem. A spokeswoman said in an interview that they are getting in touch with the claiming customer and that the company is into it, The Business Insider reported.

Experts are looking into the lithium battery that both iPhone 7 and the recently ended production Samsung Galaxy Note 7 used as one of the main causes fire on both types of devices. These kinds of batteries are prone to thermal runaway, a very rapid intense fire caused by failing lithium battery.

However, thermal runaway happens once in every 100 cases. In the case of iPhone 7, there has been a total of 1 billion units distributed worldwide that having a reported case of one out of the one billion may not be surprising after all, as per 9 to 5 Mac.

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