Oct 26, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Iphone’s Not As Popular As Before

By Paula

IPhone's popularity is dying out, reports claim.

Apple has been doing everything it can to spark the passion on consumers by making better iPhones. Last month, iPhone 7 was released it is water resistant and has a better camera.

CNET reported that iPhone 7 looks like iPhone 6. They believe this will not entice the consumer despite the upgrade.

Last month, Apple released their quarterly financial results. They reported a weaker iPhone sales. This marks their first fiscal year of low phone sales since its first introduction in 2007.

Toni Socconagi, Bernstein analyst, explained that Apple was only able to sell 45.5 million phones. This is five percent lower than the 48 million it sold a year earlier, but it still surpassed the 44.3 million Wall Street forecasted that they will earn.

Tech Crunch reported that Apple might not be able to meet the demand for iPhone 7 Plus by the end of the year. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said that he is not sure if they can make the demand of the new iPhone.

Cook explained that it's hard to gauge demand when you're selling. He stressed that they'll found out more as the month progress but he believes that they will experience sales growth in the upcoming months.

With the emergence of smartphones, iPhone sales have been declining over the past years. Smartphones tends to be cheaper than iPhones but Apple is not fazed by this.

Luca Maestri, Apple CFO, explained that it is not relevant for them right at this point. She explained that they are too focused on the products they are selling.

Despite lower sales, Apple still has a lot of things to celebrate about. It remains to be the one of the world's top company.

Ben Wood, Analyst from CCS Insight, explained that there will be reports that will focus on Apple's weak quarter. However, it still can't replace the fact that it's still one of the most profitable device maker on the planet.

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