Oct 27, 2016 06:07 AM EDT

How Can Urban Planning Help To Solve Traffic

With the purchasing power of the people continue to escalate, more and more cars are observed to have been bought even without any necessity. As a result, main roads have been congested, and a lot of people have been stuck in the traffic with their productivity being drastically affected.

The root of heavy traffic is the rapid population growth that is further accompanied by increased purchasing power and vehicles sold at lower prices due to economic competition. To state some examples, those living in Seattle spend 44 hours of their year on the road; Washington DC residents spend 74 hours, Chicago by 71 hours, and Los Angeles people spend 64 hours just because of the heavy traffic in their areas, per Northwest.

A lot of things have to be considered on why there is heavy traffic - congestion of vehicles, the rapid population growth, higher purchasing power compared to the last decades, and cheaper goods have been successful factors on why there is now a serious heavy traffic in all areas of the world. While it is known to be very problematic because it affects the daily productivity of the people, there have been many different attempts to solve the issue on traffic.

Many have installed longer railway systems while also picking bigger bagons to be able to increase the number of people who can ride the said transport system. However, for a more development-centered response on heavy traffic, planners have thought of applying the concepts of urban planning in solving the said problem.

Urban planning requires in-depth study of the activities that are done in the district on a daily basis, and on tracing the different routes on how people can go to places. With those being analyzed, urban planners will then continue mapping possible transport system, further encouraging people to engage with car pooling and to use the mass transport system to increase daily productivity.

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