Oct 27, 2016 06:08 AM EDT

Scientist Invents Another Drunk Robot

By Paula

Japan has invented a drunk robot to be the companion of drinkers.

Professor Takashi Ikegami from University of Tokyo created this. The robot makes gurgling noises like a drunk human being.

Ikegami has been creating andoids that has sensors and artificial intelligence software. He yearns to create a robotic life form that has its own culture, language and desire, Bloomberg reported.

According to previous reports,  this is not the first time a drunk robot is created. There's Drinky, you're shot companion, from South Korea.

They explained that Drinky can drink hard liquor without having a hangover. Eunchan Park, its inventor, explained that Drinky to had the ability to drink gallons of liquor.

Drinky glows red after drinking liquor. Park explained that he created Drinky because he was tired of spending Christmas alone.

In a Youtube Video featuring Drinky he explained that he drank with the robot in 2012 because he has no girlfriend and that time. He finds drinking alone to be terrible so he created Drinky.

Drinking robots came after the emergence of sex robots which is probably the biggest tech trend of the year. It was reported that the popularity of artificial humans are growing because of their realism

Sex robots has the ability to fall in love and have intimate relationships. Helen Driscoll from the University of Sunderland explained that sex tech has been rapidly advancing.

She added that because the robots have the ability to fall in love people might be fall in love with the robots as well. This is a new prediction considering that the artificial intelligence technology is rapidly moving.

She also believes that in the next few years the sex robots will be central into the sex industry. In a 2007, David Levy from University of Maastricht predicted that by 2050 humans will be marrying robots.

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