Oct 28, 2016 06:06 AM EDT

Steve Jobs: 5 Amazing Facts We Don’t Know About The Man Behind Apple

By Din Rose

Who is Steve Jobs? I bet you would say: The genius behind Apple! You bet he is, however, there are a lot of things you don't know about this guy.

Here are amazing facts to learn about Steve Jobs

1. Steve Jobs was adopted.

Clara and Paul, His adoptive parents adopted him. He was put up shortly after being born. His biological parents were simply not yet ready for a child, they were two graduate students. Being college graduates, this is the only requirement they sought for his soon-to-be parents. Though, Inc. Defer the idea as they reported, that Clara and Paul didn't meet the condition, instead to push through they promised him to receive a college education.

2. Steve Jobs built "Breakout".

Breakout, Atari arcade game, is a first generation game inspired for Apple II. It is conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow and built by Steve Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak. You play it with layers of brick and win as you smash all of them with a ball. You progress as you destroy all of them, a movable paddle aids the player.

3. Steve Jobs once lied to Steve Wozniak.

Young people do things unimaginable even Jobs did it once, he gave Wozniak $350 instead of $2500. The two should have been partners, a 50-50 half split partnership, though Jobs lied telling his friend that Atari paid only $700 lower than $5000 he got for their game, Breakout. Observer defended him with no judgment and putting boundaries friendship.

4. Steve Jobs is a one-semester college dropout. (Ironic to his adoptive parents claim!)

Being a college dropout, the famous label we usually put for Steve Jobs as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg are too. Apparently, he was way more! He went to school only for one semester. It seems building a revolutionary technology empire doesn't need college diploma as these three puts it.

5. Steve Job's life is a roller coaster ride.

A quote from James Altucher, "A man's successes can be truly understood only if we can count his tears. And unfortunately, in the case of Steve Jobs, that is one task that's impossible.", describes Jobs roller coaster ride story. We know him as a man behind Apple and Pixar, fired Apple CEO and many things but we can never understand how he managed it unless we saw who he truly is.

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