Oct 28, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

New TV App Announce By Apple After Cutting Down Jobs: Here Are A Few Alternatives To Apple TV

Apple recently presented the new MacBook Pro series with touch screen keys right after the 25th anniversary of the first notebook they marketed.

CEO Tim Cook said that the announcement was quite significant because it was given during the big anniversary celebrations for the Mac.

The prices for the new MacBook Pro series have been released with the 13-inch version priced at $1,799, the 15-inch version priced at $2,399 and the version with traditional key function priced at $1,499.

The featured functionalities like the new retina display, touch bar, and touch screen are compatible with software mostly used and customizing the unit is possible. One can browse using Safari, use the predictive typing feature and all the functions expected of a notebook.

The user can navigate a video even when not in full-screen mode and can swipe-navigate photos exactly like what is done in smart phones. Apple senior vice president, Phil Schiller disclosed that fingerprint log in is featured in the new notebook, making it possible for the user to authorize purchases.

Craig Federighi, Senior vice president of Apple for engineering, said that the new models have operational keys for Siri function and allow switching of users using fingerprint identification.

 The 15-inch model has a very much improved specifications including 17 Intel processor, Radeon Pro graphics, and solid state drives. The new model has twice the power of old models, and 4 Thunderbolt ports are available for charging and various connection purposes.

The 13-inch model weighs only 3 pounds, the lightest among the new models, while the 15-inch computer weighs 5 pounds including the track pad that is very much bigger than the previous model.

 Apple is taking advantage of the coming holiday rush by launching their products ahead of other brands. The company would like to rekindle interest in their brand name since personal computers have always been their main source of revenue.

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