Oct 31, 2016 12:28 PM EDT

Jesus’ Burial Tomb Opened For Restoration

By Paula

Jesus' burial tomb was opened inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for restoration.

The marble slab that covers the site was pulled back for three parts as part of the restoration work and archaeological analysis of the place. Father Samuel Aghoyan explained that this is the first time the slab was removed since 1810 when the last restoration took place.

Aghoyan explained that there are debris and material found beneath the marble that needs further studying. He was moved to see the site that has been talked about for centuries, Yahoo News reported.

Specialists from Greece has been tapped to carry out the restoration. They said that by studying the tomb they could study the most sacred Christian site.

They said that the shrine was built over the site of tomb during the 19th century. It is visited by tourists and pilgrims every day.

It is surrounded by an edicule structure and located at the center Jerusalem's Old City. The restoration was approved by different Christian denominations that share the church, National Geographic reported.

Aside from Jesus' burial tomb, restorations will also happen on the area were Jesus was crucified. The place where his body was anointed will also be restored.

The restoration team explained that marble has weakened over the years. They said that it weakened because of the people who visits to the tomb every day.

They explained that the tomb will be dismantled and rebuild. They said broken parts will be replaced with better marble slabs that can be preserved and cleaned.

They also said that they will reinforce the structure supporting the tomb. They said that the this is being funded by three Christian denominations from the Holy Sepulchre.

They are funded by the Greek Orthodox, Franciscans and Armenians. Public and Private contributions also help restore the tomb.

The restoration to Jesus' burial tomb was done early this year. The restoration will be completed on March 2017 in time for Easter.

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