Nov 02, 2016 06:33 AM EDT

Soyuz Astronauts Land in Kazakhstan After A Success In Space DNA Sequencing & International Docking Spots Projects

By Din Rose

Leaving the Space Station last week, the three Soyuz astronauts lands in Kazakhstan after completing an 115 days expedition. The projects they dealt on consisted of Space DNA Sequencing & International Docking Spots Projects.

NASA's Kate Rubins, Roscosmos' Anatoly Ivanishin and Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency Takuya Onishi arrived Last Oct. 29, landing safely in Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan. The International Exploration wrapped up a four-month long journey, leaving behind three more astronauts in the space station.

Last Aug. 19 US astronauts Rubin and Jeff Williams, one of the three replacement crews, had their first mission completed when they installed the first-ever universal docking system in space. It will be used as ports for commercial capsules, According to Nasa Blogs, Boeing Starliner and SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will be the first clienteles of the docking port.

Soyuz astronauts Lands in Kazakhstan has been the hottest space topic on the web now. Aside from the arrival of Soyuz MS-01 spacecraft carrying the three international astronauts, one of their goals in the exploration is also precisely interesting. Apart from installing the docking system, the space cadets did DNA sequencing of different specimens in space.

Redorbit reports that the sequencing is a big project. It will be able to help scientist to spot hazardous microbes aboard the ISS. This will also lead the potential identification of the health problems the crew can get in space. There are so much to learn about life in space, the plan's purpose will serve as a determining factor for human life in the outer space.

The joint exploration by US, Russia, and Japan is an ambitious undertaking, more missions are in line for the astronauts still staying in the space station. For now, the Soyuz astronauts that landed in Kazakhstan were being re-adapt to the Earth's environment after the prolonged months in space.

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