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Disney's Moana Latest News And Updates: Disney's Latest Princess Movie Releases On November 2016; Things You Need To Know

By Din Rose

Moana, Disney's latest princess, will be on the big screen this coming November 30, 2016. The film will feature unexplored topics, before buying your movie tickets learning some few issues circulating about the film is a must.

Disney's latest animated film is influenced by South Pacific myths and culture. Moana, the lead character will be a princess navigator who will be adventuring a fabled island to save her people and she will be accompanied by Maui, the Pacific island demigod.

Plenty of people expressed their disagreement with some of the facts included in the movie.

Here are some of the issue to know:

1. The Film is under fire for Maui's physique.

According to The Guardian article, the depiction of the demi-god received a lot of criticism. It prompted Jenny Salesa, a Polynesian heritage woman, to speak her mind about the matter. She posted her thoughts on her Facebook, "When we look at photos of Polynesian men & women from the last 100-200 years, most of our people were not overweight, and this negative stereotype of Maui is just not acceptable - No thanks to Disney,".

2. Disney is under attack for its 'brownface' Halloween costume.

Social Media had been the outlet of several angry Polynesian-heritage mass of crowd; they questioned why Disney thought skin color could be used as a costume. Disney's 'brownface' Halloween costume was posted on its online store with a Maui character signature tattoos, rope necklace, and island-style skirt. It was accompanied by the costume sample, a brown-skinned young boy.

3. Moana's criticism is getting out of hand.

When the trailer of Moana was released, widespread criticism happened overnight. Disney was questioned for stereotyping the Pacific Island culture; many expressed their outrage over Twitter. In contrast, Arieta Rika, a Talanoa website founder, shared her thoughts on BBC News. She discussed how she appreciates the movie's purpose of sharing worldwide Polynesian thoughts, opinions, and stories.

Disney's Moana Release Date will be something to be excited about; Moana is a special movie delving on things unfathomed. It will be intriguing, to see if it will lead to more criticism or appraise.

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