Nov 02, 2016 06:38 AM EDT

Donald Trump's Book Trump Tower: Does The Book Fall Into 'BDSM' Category?

By Din Rose

So, Donald Trump is not only a presidential candidate; he seems to be an author as well. Recently, a book, Trump Tower was put on limelight by the Huffington Post. The book received a lot of sexism comment.

The reading material is written last 2012. Initially, the author's name listed is Jefferey Robinson. However, that changed a bit when Donald Trump claimed it all as Donald Trump's Book: Trump Tower. The Library of Congress registers Robinson as the pen man of the book, and the early promotional material suggests the same.

Here are some more to ponder about the book:

1. It is an erotica material.

The book contains BDSM ideas; the women involve in the story does not provide consent with the suggestive scenes. Women's physique is often involved in the writing; it talks about the woman's body size explicitly. It is also sometimes compared to Fifty Shades of Grey; it contains a lot of nudity and adult scene.

2. Trump Tower is a sexist book.

The presidential candidate has taken off his name in the book for some time yet for some reasons; his name was a book on the cover. Huffington Post on Refinery29 revealed, "Just about every single female character's level of attractiveness is described, while male characters get a little physical description," they added. "Bust-size is repeatedly mentioned with lines like, 'She was dressed in white, with her blouse open to her navel, which did nothing to hide her small breasts.'"

3. The book is part of Donald Trump's campaign merchandise.

Vulture describes the purpose of the book as official Trump campaign merchandise. The novel is alongside his other stuff in the Trump Tower Gift Shop. Trump's tower is actually a real-life tall building where the store is located, and you can get the book from there.

Donald Trump's Book: Trump Tower may provide insights regarding himself, it will come as a very useful matter for this coming US Presidential Elections.

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