Nov 03, 2016 12:54 AM EDT

US Election 2016: British Town Sets Donald Trump Statue On Fire; Hillary Clinton To Win US Election?

By FG Dullin

A small British town of Edenbridge creates a 360-foot high cartoonish statue of Donald Trump, only to burn it to ashes.

This wacky tradition is being organized by the Edenbridge Bonfire Society. The viral frenzy of a much anticipated US election has spilled overseas, and UK participates in their unique manner. According to USA Today, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were chosen as icons due to their global popularity in 2016.

Since its establishment in 1928, this small British town has been burning annual global icons every November. Last year, they have chosen FIFA President Sepp Blatter. As described by Truth Revolt, the 36-foot steel-framed and wood-covered effigy depicts the Republican nominee in comically mismatched wardrobe.

He wears a blue jacket with an American flag necktie and a pair of boxer shorts adorned with a pattern identical stereotype male Mexican cartoon faces. In light of the cutthroat US presidential election, the Donald Trump statue is seen holding the disembodied head of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on one hand, while waving his index finger to the public with the other.

The creators in the local British town emulate the infamous passion of Donald Trump during his many public speeches. The town of Edenbridge began their earliest bonfire custom in honor of a famous national anarchist named Guy Fawkes.

This historical figure is known for the infamous but failed Gunpowder Treason Plot - an attempt to bomb the Parliament in 1605 during the reign of King James I. Curiously, the conclusion of the US election falls exactly on November 5, 2016.

It is the same precise date that the Guy Fawkes Night is being celebrated annually in most cities and towns United Kingdom. Hillary Clinton's cartoonish decapitation would aptly describe the feelings of Donald Trump fans, especially in light of her favorable outcome prognosis.

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