Nov 03, 2016 08:54 AM EDT

The Walking Dead Season 7 : Who Is King Ezekiel? Is He A Friend Or A Foe?

The Walking Dead Season 7 started with thrills involving Glenn and Abraham's death but new characters, like King Ezekiel, would even make the series a lot more thrilling. With Rick and his crew facing Negan as of the moment, there are lots of questions if the new character would be an ally to Rick's crew or another enemy that they would face.

The new character is really an interesting topic to talk about just by judging his looks, according to A smooth-talking King, with hardcore dreads, who owns a tiger is definitely an intriguing sight. King Ezekiel is introduced in the second episode of The Walking Dead season 7.

The episode starts with Morgan saving the unconscious Carol from walkers, along with reinforcements which appear to be men and women dressed in medieval fashion. As Carol regains consciousness, she wakes up in a hospital bed with Morgan sitting beside her. Morgan would then introduce Carol to their host, King Ezekiel.

King Ezekiel is the ruler of The Kingdom, a place of what seems to be a paradise for survivors who are longing for peace and serenity, or is it? Here, Carol would know what the place is all about and why it's people are trying to act medieval-like. The University Herald says that monarch is a mysterious character and that he could be a wild card for Rick's crew.

The King is a former zoo-keeper, which would explain the tiger he always carries around, but eventually created his own image, helped built a community and eventually became its king. According to Movieweb, he would become Rick's ally to defeat Negan and his crew and he would also have a close relationship with Michonne.

As The Walking Dead Season 7 progresses, there is still a lot more things we need to know about King Ezekiel. This season is definitely a must watch.

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