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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 65, 66 Spoilers: Black Goku Zamasu Fusion Defeated?

"Dragon Ball Super" has a lot of passionate followers that are eagerly waiting for Episode 65 to arrive. The previous episode teased what will most likely happen next and it surely looked exciting.

Here are some spoilers that can hopefully satiate the fans while they patiently wait for the next episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 64 Recap

Bulma, Mai, and Trunks desperately try to fight Zamasu. Just when everything seemed futile, Trunks luckily was able to contain Zamasu inside the container when he used the Mafuba technique. However, the battle is far from over. They forgot they use the paper talisman that will fully seal Zamasu inside the container and as a result, Zamasu broke free. As soon as he got out, he fused with Black Goku and became even stronger and more powerful. Goku and Vegeta now faces a more difficult opponent and they seem to be not too sure how to handle it.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 65: Final Judgement?! The Supreme God's Ultimate Power Spoilers 

The last episode surely ended in a major cliffhanger. However, based on the teaser for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 65, most questions will be answered. According to the plot synopsis that was recently leaked, Black Goku and Zamasu will merge using the Potaras. It is also speculated that Zamasu's new technique called the "Wall of Light," which some fans speculate as a divine symbol that can be used to attack and destroy Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and even the Earth. It is believed to be equivalent to Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66: Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors' Miraculous Power"

Many fans believe that Goku will ultimately defeat the merged Black Goku and Zamasu. It turns out that Zamasu's "Wall of Light" will get destroyed and ultimately he will too. This will happen after Goku's attack. Also, opposed to the rumors that Vegito will appear in "Dragon Ball Super," it looks like there is no mention of it in the leaked plot.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 65 will air on November 06.

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