Nov 07, 2016 08:19 PM EST

Top 3 Dual Camera Smartphones: Why Should You Buy These Top-snappers?

By Din Rose

Ongoing manufacturer upgrades on the latest cell phone models are left and right, and Dual Lens Camera Phones are the latest rave for selfie-friendly phones. Meanwhile, there are now five of the best rated 2016 Dual Camera Smartphones in the market.

In this case, the dual lens snaps certain numbers of pros than cons for DSLR quality photos. According to Gizmo Times, the tech "offer better features than a single standard camera". Due to its additional sensor, it can add more depth information to the photo quality, also it can capture and focus faster.

Here are the Top 5 2016 Dual Camera Smartphone:

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Now, Apple has launched a dual camera phone for the first-time. Offering Dual 12 MP lenses, iPhone 7 Plus edge over the others is it can snap wide-angle photos and has telephoto feature. In all, iPhone 7 Plus is your best option for a long-range photo shoot with excellent optical zooming quality. CNET highlights its strength as, " The iPhone 7 Plus blends its two cameras into one, drawing on each camera's virtues and sidestepping their weaknesses to try to get the best image possible."

LG V20

If you are looking for the top dual camera for video taking options, the LG V20 will take you to new heights. Sporting a 16 MP and 8 MP dual cameras, its optical stabilization, shake-free footage, trio microphone, big screen, and 64 GB memory are your reasons for buying this premium phone. Tech Crunch appraised it as "Coupled with LG's fantastic camera software and a manual mode straight out of a DSLR, you can take some very satisfying photos".

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The 12 MP Dual Camera heightens its fast autofocusing, low lighting performance, capturing detail and camera interfacing. To summarize, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge rivals will not fare with its sensor technology for capturing DSLR quality snappies. According to Tech Radar, its powerfully built camera technology is "one of the best ever seen on a smartphone".

In essence, if you are looking for quality snapchats, buying dual camera phone can be nicer than a singled lens. Instead of buying a DSLR Camera, these smartphones can offer functionality like no other. They only prove, the quantity over quality notion.

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