Nov 09, 2016 05:08 AM EST

Job Advice: Is Being Nice At Work Good? 5 Reasons Why It’s Actually Holding You Back

A lot of people prefer to be nice all the time, whether they are at work or at home, to always ensure a harmonious interaction with other people that they come across with. However, being nice actually back fires in the workplace as it tends to hold people back.

According to Business Insider, being too nice "absolutely holds you back in the office. This is because it can negatively affect your interactions with your co-workers.

Forbes also agrees that always being nice at work is not only unnecessary, it actually holds you back. It is actually a trap that a lot of people fall victim to. Here's five reasons why it's not always okay to be nice:

People look at you as inauthentic - A lot of people always look at a person who is always smiling, always giving praise and just generally being always nice, as shallow and inauthentic. People do get upset at work, it's unavoidable, considering the stress and pressure that everyone has to constantly deal with in the workplace. So showing emotions, other than happiness, let people see how genuine you are and will allow you to connect with them easily.

You fail to provide constructive criticism - It's hard to properly criticize people's work, and even attitudes, if you're always nice. If you're afraid of offending someone or losing your steam, there are ways to properly communicate what you want to say without sounding obnoxious or arrogant. Remember as well to listen and understand your co-workers side, this will help you find common ground of what you want to say and what your colleague is saying.

People would think you lack confidence - Being too nice and accepting things as it is, without voicing your own opinion could be looked at as a lack of confidence. It sends a message that you are not confident in your own opinions, suggestions and idea. Again, there are proper ways you can voice your opinions confidently without sounding too arrogant. Just be firm and know your worth as well.

People will view you as a pushover - Since you're someone who always accepts things as they are, people will look at you as a pushover and take advantage of it. The challenging part of a group task could always be given to you, since they know you don't have any complaints. So learn to properly disagree and say no, as it will not only benefit you, but the team as well. They won't just have to always rely on you.

You're barely recognized - No one in the office is given an award or proper recognition for being Mr. Nice or Ms. Nice. On the contrary, they're usually the ones who are only remembered when someone is in need of a favor at work. Learn to take your place and don't just fade into the background, only appearing when someone needs a favor done.

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