Nov 10, 2016 12:26 AM EST

'Clash of Clans' Latest News & Updates: Major Update On December 2016! Sea Creatures, Red Barbarian King & New Battle Features Revealed!

"Clash of Clans", a widely popular online multiplayer strategy game developed by Supercell, is reported to be receiving a massive update this coming December 2016. The said update will see the introduction of a host of new characters and a new feature which are rumoured to include sea creatures, a water-based base, a Red Barbarian King, and a new battle feature.

Although Supercell has yet to confirm this, Phone Arena reports that the Red Barbarian King is a Hero type character that can be acquired by buying a gem package. Bundled with the Red Barbarian King, gamers will also get the Red Archer Queen. In addition, the upcoming patch for "Clash of Clans" will introduce a new Barbarian King statue which will cost 500 gems.

In a report from Mobile & Apps, the new water-based base, likely to be called "shipyard", can be unlocked at Town Hall 4 and may cost 50,000 gold. With the introduction of this base, water-based creatures and characters are expected to be launched as well. These sea-themed features are totally new to "Clash of Clans" as the game currently revolves around land-based and air-based characters. Gamers are speculating that the water-based creatures will include the likes of mermaids, sea monsters, and even pirates and submarines.

"Clash of Clans" will also introduce a new battle feature. According to several reports, details regarding this new feature are scarce but leaks point to a goblin vs wizard battle as the name suggest. Gamers can expect the Wizards to battle it out with the Goblins in the battlefield.

With "Clash of Clans" updates coming too few and in between, it seems Supercell is trying to win back all the gamers that left the game. For players still enjoying the game though, this major update is like a breath of fresh air and is worth to be excited about.

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