Nov 11, 2016 02:07 AM EST

Siri Makes Transacting Via PayPal Easier, Available in 30 Countries

Apple device users that are running iOS 10 can make PayPal transactions with just a simple voice command to Siri. This new PayPal feature is available in 30 countries and a variety of languages.

According to PayPal, this new feature is their early Christmas present to their consumers. The company said that integrating Siri with PayPal will make sending and requesting money easier.

PayPal said that peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions have been one of the most popular activities on their website. The company did $41 billion P2P volume across PayPal, Venmo, and Xoom, and PayPal is predicting that December alone could more than $17 billion P2P transactions.

That's why they want to make it easier for their customers to make their transactions on PayPal. With a simple voice command of "Hey Siri, send Mom $100 using PayPal" the PayPal app automatically process your request.

The Verge reports that this isn't the first time Siri has been used for transferring money, though. Earlier this year, Apple had added the support for this feature and vendors like Venmo, Monzo, and Square Cash, had already integrated it into their app.

Using Siri to make money transactions is also a huge security risk, as the virtual assistant can't seem to properly distinguish different voices. Nevertheless, the phone still needs to be unlocked before a payment can be confirmed.

PayPal said that this new integration is available in 30 countries and in a variety of languages. The countries the new feature is available include: Australia, Austria, Belgium (French and Dutch), Brazil, Canada (English and French), China, Denmark, Finland (Finnish), France, Germany, Hong Kong (Cantonese), India, Israel (Hebrew), Italy, Japan, Malaysia (Malay), Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia (Arabic), Singapore (English), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French, German, and Italian), Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (Arabic) and United States.

Users who want to use this new feature will need to get the latest version of the PayPal app at the App Store. This new feature is available starting November 10, 2016.

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