Nov 11, 2016 01:56 AM EST

NFL Latest News, Rumors & Update: San Diego Chargers Now Moving To A New Home? Dean Spanos Leaning Towards Los Angeles?

San Diego Chargers Owner-Chairman of the Board Dean Spanos is not in any hurry to make a decision on whether the team will relocate or not following city's rejection of the Chargers Stadium. If the team does decide to relocate, Los Angeles would be their destination.

According to the Chargers official website, Spanos first thanked those who supported the building of the stadium but said that he would like to put aside discussions about the stadium for the meantime. He said he wants everyone to focus first on the rest of the Chargers season.

"Our team, with its mix of veteran leaders and young stars, has played some of the most exciting football in the NFL so far," Spanos said. "And I can't wait to see how we do throughout the rest of the season."

According to CBS Sports,  the city of San Diego voted down the Chargers stadium measure last November 8. The team was seeking the city's approval for a public funding of $1.15 billion for the Chargers proposed stadium.

The team was able to get 127,000 yes votes, but it was way below the needed percentage for the measure to pass. Fifty-seven percent of San Diegans voted against the measure and the team needed a 66.6 percent yes vote for it to pass.

So where does that leave the chargers? The team has two options, to stay in San Diego or move to LA.

If the Chargers want to move to LA, they have until January 15, 2017, to decide. If the team doesn't make a decision and the NFL refused to extend their rights, the Oakland Raiders would get the Chargers rights to relocate to LA.

If Spanos does wait until after the NFL regular season is over before he makes a decision, that means the earliest date the owner would make a decision would be on January 2, 2017. Spanos did say that in the coming weeks there might be news about the steps that the team will take to preserve all of their options.

But until the season is over, Spanos doesn't intend to make any decision yet. And that is whether to stay in San Diego or go to Los Angeles.

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