Nov 11, 2016 02:57 AM EST

'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Updates: 100 Gen 2 Pokemon From Gold/Silver Versions To Be Released? Is The Long Wait Over?

In July of 2016, "Pokemon GO" took the world by storm and the game included the franchise's first generation of Pokemon. But at some point, gamers will definitely catch them all and now they're waiting for more Pokemon to catch. Now, it seems that long wait is over because there are latest news and updates of 100 Gen 2 Pokemon being released.

In a report by BGR, Niantic officially released updates for Android and iPhone owners and with it, comes 100 Gen 2 Pokemon for avid gamers to catch. There aren't any confirmations yet when these new monsters will pop up in fan's screens, but it's almost there knowing that the game codes have been updated.

The new monsters would come from the franchise's Gold and Silver version according to Forbes. It would definitely be a sequel for "Pokemon GO" fans, as they move on from monsters coming from the Red, Blue and Green Version.

It's about time for the game developers to add more Pokemon because most fans have already filled up their Pokedex. Some people are also getting there so it's just the right time for some changes to happen.

But what's taking Niantic so long? With the kind of success they had initially with "Pokemon GO," they should give the fans what they want. But sources say that a lot of factors are causing the delay and one major reason is that winter season is coming.

It would be a bad idea for developers to release the updates now because there would be no point of doing that. Gamers would stay indoors or worse, they would still go out and could cause a lot of backlash for the company.

The Gen 2 Pokemon are just around the corner so fans need to wait a little bit longer. But who knows? Niantic might surprise fans and release the game sooner as expected.

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