Nov 15, 2016 08:55 AM EST

Will Smith's Son Jaden Smith To Play Role In 'Doctor Strange' Sequel?

By Leah

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith has expressed his deep interest in being a part of the next "Doctor Strange" sequel. The young Smith could not keep his intense fascination on the show that he posted a stamen on his Tweeter account on Nov 4 expressing how he felt.

In a Tweet he posted, the Jaden stated that he had just watched "Doctor Strange" and he was completely blown by the show. He even said that he is going to dedicate the rest of his life committed to the practices he has witnessed.

The 18-year-old son of Will Smith has been known to be an avid supporter of DC heroes. Jaden Smith even wore a Batman costume for his prom in 2015 and was also featured in the Suicide Squad this summer as reported by Jobs & Hire. Not to mention his father rumored to be playing a DC villain in the future.

Jaden's amazement over the "Doctor Strange" came as deep as him seriously studying the mystic arts from the movie's message. His response to the show brings fire to the rumors that the young Smith is dreaming of becoming the next Sorcerer Supreme, as per The Billboard.

The "Doctor Strange" movie is a story about Stephen Strange, a famous neurosurgeon who met a car accident. The tragedy left an exceptional damage on his nerves deteriorating his fame in an instant that he can hardly accept. The doctor uses ancient methods to restore everything back to how they were before the accident took place.

Jaden Smith, on the other hand, was formerly reported to have committed suicide. Homosexuality, depression, and heartbreak were some of the reasons that surfaced behind the news that Jaden took his own life.

The young Smith's vocal interest in being part of the "Doctor Strange" movie finally marks the end to the rumors. He also proves that he is not only alive but he is up to something big, according to Itech Post.

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