Nov 15, 2016 07:57 PM EST

'Clash Royale' Latest News & Update: Epic Tornado Card Can Damage & Pull Units! Other Cards To Expect Announced!

"Clash Royale's" latest update features a new card called the Epic Tornado, which can pull air and ground units and deal damage to them. Aside from the Epic Tornado, there are three more cards that fans can expect to be made available when the update goes live.

According to Orange Juice Gaming's YouTube channel, the Epic Tornado can be found at the builder's workshop and 10 stacks can instantly be purchased for 400 gems. Doing this will automatically upgrade the card to level 3, increasing its damage.

In the latest update of "Clash Royale," the Epic Tornado can also be used to pull air and ground units toward it, which can be beneficial or detrimental to the player, depending on how it was used. It can slow down advancing units or it can speed it up.

Units can still attack while they are being pulled as long as they are within range. The Epic Tornado, though, doesn't have any effect on towers.

The description of the channel states that the Tornado would be easy to use but difficult to master. At first, it would seem useless, but once players get the hang of it, it becomes a valuable ability.

The latest update of "Clash Royale" also features other cards that players can expect to be available soon. According to Headlines & Global News, "Clash Royale" has five new cards with the Epic Tornado being one of the cards, and the other is the Graveyard, which is a Legendary card.

Aside from the two that was already released, three more are still going to arrive. And these are the Electro-Wizard, Clone Spell, and Elite Barbarians

"Clash Royale's" latest update features the Electro-Wizard, a Legendary card that will make playing the game harder if you or an opponent has this card. The Legendary card can deal a damage of up to 236, once it reaches level 8 or 9.

The Clone Spell is similar to the Mirror Card, except it can be used in any part of the arena. And the Elite Barbarian is a common card that allows players to spawn Elite Barbarians that are much stronger and faster than Barbarians.

It does, however, spawn only two instead of four and it costs six elixirs. So it's better to pair it with low-elixir costing cards. 

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