Nov 16, 2016 05:54 AM EST

NBA Trade Rumors: Demarcus Cousins To The Warriors For Klay Thompson? Why It Would Make Sense

One NBA Trade Rumor that has yet to die down is the trade between Demarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors. Though this trade seems far fetched, it would actually make sense for both teams to pull it off.

RealSport 101 said that there's a need for the Kings to trade Cousins, considering that the team is wasting the prime years of arguably the best center in the league right now. The team is just not built to help Cousins compete for a title, or at least even make the playoffs.

So it's time for the Kings to make NBA trade rumor come true, hit the reset button and trade their best player for valuable young assets to help them rebuild the franchise from the bottom-up. And one of those destinations is the Warriors.

But why would the Warriors want to make the NBA trade rumor a reality? The team is not in any sort of trouble, as they currently have an 8-2 record, second in the Western Conference.

Zach Frydenlund of Complex discussed in an article last October on the reason why the Warriors would even consider giving up Thompson, one of the "Splash Brothers". He said it's because of Warriors Forward Kevin Durant.

Frydenlund said Durant is now Stephen Curry's "new 'Splash Brother' whether Klay got the memo or not." Durant, at his worst, is arguably a top three player and is most likely the Warriors current best player.

What Durant brings to the table is somehow redundant to what Thomspon brings, especially on the offensive end. So trading him for an elite inside presence in Cousins would make a lot of sense for the Warriors.

Though this NBA trade rumor might not see the light of day, especially with Steve Kerr shutting down all rumors of the team looking to trade Thompson, it's still fun to think of the possibilities. If it does happen, this would make Golden State even scarier. 

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