Nov 16, 2016 11:09 PM EST

Job Advice: 5 Things That Hiring Managers Really Want To Hear During An Interview

When you go for an interview, there are a lot of questions that a hiring manager will ask you that may seem easy to answer or is not related to the job that you're applying for. It may seem not related to you, but it actually is, and hiring managers are asking these questions because they are assessing if you are qualified or not.

Brad Karsh, a former recruiting professional for advertising giant Leo Burnett and current president of career consulting firm Job Bound, told that interviewers are not going to be wasting their time to outthink their candidates. They are there to assess if the candidate is qualified or not and are asking these questions to hear a particular answer from you

Business Insider adds that when a hiring manager asks "What are your hobbies?" chances are they're assessing you on how you answer and what you will answer. So here are the five things that hiring managers would want to hear during an interview:

Do you have the skills for the job? - One question that could probably relate to this one is "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" Not only does this question see what skills you have and what you lack, but it also tests your honesty and integrity. This question is usually asked during the first part of the interview and it helps hiring managers to get a broad idea if your skills qualify for the job or not.

Do you fit the job and the company? - A common question that hiring managers ask in relation to this question is "what are your hobbies?" This question allows managers to know the personality of the candidate more through their interests, extracurricular activities and more. This question gives them an idea of the kind of person that you are and if it would fit, not only with the job but with the company's culture and employees as well.

Do you have the right mind-set for the job and company? - A similar question to this one is "where do you see yourself 5 years from now?" Hiring managers ask this question to see if a candidate's goal and plans are aligned with the job and the company's own goals. Companies would want to know if you're just looking for a job or a career and see if you have the right mind-set for the job and for the company's mission and vision.

How do you stack up against the competition? - Companies are usually swamped with hundreds of applications for a particular position. One question to help them compare you against other candidates is "have you ever been fired?" This question can easily keep you off the shortlist, especially in comparison to other candidates. However, it doesn't mean you won't have a chance already, just plan ahead and avoid finger pointing on why you were fired. Just be honest and let them know you've learned your lesson.

Do you want the job? - A similar question to this one is "why should we hire you?" This question not only lets the hiring manager know what you can contribute to the company, but it can also tell them how much you want to have the job. This also serves as a summary of all the positive traits that you have for the job, so this is your chance to sell yourself. 

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