Nov 17, 2016 01:11 AM EST

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 66 Recap: Return Of Vegito & The End Of An Epic Battle

With the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 entitled "The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior!" we are served with an epic ending for Merged Zamasu plus a return of one of the most popular character in the "Dragon Ball" universe, Vegito.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 started off with a huge crossfire between Goku and Merged Zamatsu. Goku using the full power of his Kamehameha against Merged Zamatsu pitching a gigantic energy ball. Goku was able to best Merged Zamatsu's energy ball causing a huge damage to the laters right side.

Goku then pushes Merged Zamatsu to the ground using his Kaio-Ken. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 then showed an interesting fact, upon seeing that Merged Zamatsu is not healing as per the usual, Vegeta and Gowasu realized that Merged Zamatsu is no longer immortal as he used to be because he fusioned  with Black Goku causing his immortality status to cancel out.

Upon the revelation of this new-found weakness, Goku suggested to fuse with Vegeta to have a power that can rival Merged Zamatsu. The funny thing is a far as I know fusion using Potara earrings is permanent. It turns out that in "Dragon Ball Super" it just come with a time and energy limit.

This explained Vegeta's acceptance of Goku's suggestion without hesitation. Going back, Vegeta ate a senzu bean and proceeded with the Potara fusion. Then came one of the highlights of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66, Vegito.

Vegito's full of fun yet impatient approach brings so much charm to "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66. As the battle rages on, the tide goes in favor of Vegito but when Vegito is firing his Final Kamehameha they reverted back to normal.

Seeing this opportunity, Merged Zamatsu charged to finish of Goku and Vegeta. Going to the final moments of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66, Trunks intercepted the charging Zamatsu. With a final exchange of dialogues, Trunks cut Merged Zamatsu in half using his sword infused with something like a Spirit Bomb of the sort.

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