Nov 17, 2016 04:12 AM EST

‘Clash Royale’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Tactics 101! How To Effectively Utilize & Maximize The Tornado Spell

The tornado spell joined the plethora of cards in the online strategy game "Clash Royale" developed by Supercell. The tornado spell, introduced last November 11, 2016, is an epic card which is designed to drag, and then inflict damage to nearby units for a short period of time.

The tornado spell was well received by gamers since its inception to the game. However, even with the spell's amazing potential, gamers of 'Clash Royale' are having a bit of difficulty maximizing the effectiveness of the spell.

According to Clash Royale Arena, the tornado spell costs 3 elixers and has an effective radius of 5. Once the spell is cast, attacking units are pulled and damaged for 3 seconds. That 3-second duration is longer than most spell cards in "Clash Royale." That alone can delay attacking units and prevent them from reaching one's tower.

Also, since the Tornado can drag attacking units to its epicenter, a skilled "Clash Royale" gamer can aim the spell in a way that will pull the attacking units toward the middle tower. With the attacking units' new trajectory, they will instead attack the middle tower causing it to activate.

The Tornado also causes minor damage to attacking troops. But if a "Clash Royale" player can upgrade the spell to a sufficient level, the tornado can wipe out swarm troops, such as fire spirits, spear goblins, "stab" goblins, and skeletons, on its own.

During attacks, the Tornado can clear a path for target-specific troops, such as Giants, Hogs, and Balloons. The aforementioned troops only attack structures, so saving them a few hit points from defending troops will give them more shots at a structure. In addition, this will also give ample time for support troops to catch up.

If a "Clash Royale" player has no lightning or zap on deck, the tornado can be a useful spell when going up against the Inferno Dragon and/or the Royal Giant. The spell can pull the Inferno Dragon so that it resets its attack or sets its sight to another target. The tornado can pull the Royal Giant away from its target, giving a player time to mount a defense or simply put another structure to shift the Royal Giant's attention away.

The Tornado spell has only been on deck for more than a week and the potential uses of this spell are stacking up. The examples provided here are just a few of the tactics that a "Clash Royale" gamer can add to his arsenal. With players trying out different strategies and different decks, it is safe to say that the Tornado spell has the potential to become one of the most useful cards in the game.

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