Nov 17, 2016 04:12 AM EST

‘One Piece’ Episode 846 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Sanji Is The Runaway Groom!

Another cliffhanger ending was shown in last week's "One Piece" episode 845. Fans are hunting the web for any plot leaks or anything that can satisfy the mob's "One Piece" hangover.

 As we all know episode 846 of "One Piece", will be the next big thing for the ongoing arc. It will start a big ripple that will affect the future plot of the hit anime series. The Sanji-Pudding Wedding will be the start of big things to come.

According to GamenGuide, Nami and Luffy will be taken prisoners by Big Mom's Army. In exchange for Luffy and Nami's safety, Big Mom will force Sanji to marry her daughter Lady Pudding. Even though he doesn't love Lady Pudding, for the sake of his friends, Sanji will give in to Big Mom's request or more like blackmail.

News will then reach Luffy and Nami that Sanji sacrificed himself to save them. The duo will then decide to break free and stop Sanji's wedding. There are other rumors that Luffy's childhood friend Sabo will help them break out of their cells in the coming "One Piece" episode 846.

Going forward, the wedding ceremony will proceed as planned assuming the Big Mom will not inform Sanji of Luffy's escape because she's worried that with her only bargain chip gone, Sanji will refuse to marry Lady Pudding.

Just before the ceremony ends, Luffy and Nami will enter the scene causing a commotion while taking Sanji away to escape. Big Mom will be really mad and will order her army to intercept and catch the escaping straw hats. This will surely become a must-see moment in "One Piece" episode 846.

Other spoilers also hinted that Sanji's family, the Vinsmokes will turn their backs on Big Mom and will start an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. Though it is not sure whether this report will happen in "One Piece" episode 846, we can expect a change of hearts in Sanji's family in the near future.

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