Nov 17, 2016 09:42 AM EST

‘Fallout 4’ Latest Update: 1.8 Game Patch Update Confirmed to Come Out This Week! PS4 MODS Will Now Become Available

The latest update for "Fallout 4" is that Bethesda will be releasing the 1.8 game patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this week. The patch would also include the MOD support for PS4.

Bethesda just made the announcement via Twitter. Though, notes for the 1.8 patch have yet to be revealed.

According to Express, when Bethesda updated "Fallout 4" last week with the released new Creation Kit update, modding for PS4 became a reality. "We're happy to announce Fallout 4's Creation Kit is updated today to support mods on PS4," the company said.

Players just need to go to Launcher in order to update their Creation Kits and enjoy "Fallout 4's" latest update. Bethesda did say that the PS4 MODS are plugins only and no archives will be permitted.

Bethesda adds that they are trying to bring full modding of the "Fallout 4" to PS4. But they are still in talks with Sony and there's no word yet if discussions have advanced.

The MODS for "Fallout 4", as well as with "Skyrim", both have a 1GB download limit. Modders of both games are also unable to use external assets.

Pete Hines, the vice-president of PR and Marketing at Bethesda said that he doesn't know if they will be removing external assets limit anytime soon. "Having it work just like other platforms was not approved," he said. "This version was."

GameNGuide reports that the latest update of "Fallout 4" will be addressing some of the game's most common complained issues. The issues usually range from crashing to images not loading while scrolling.

Bethesda also updated the audio and general graphics of the game. This will provide players with a better gaming experience.

Though Hines is not sure if they can improve the MODS, Bethesda continues to listen to its fans. So there's a possibility that in the next update of "Fallout 4", the limits to the MODS could be removed.

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