Nov 18, 2016 10:37 AM EST

CSR: Helps Corporation Grow In More Ways Than One

By Paula

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps a company become sustainable. It introduces the virtues the company has, it also enhances the company's moral.

A great example for this is Microsoft known for their CSR, the corporation has been making a difference on local communities. They have been working hand on hand with the government, investors and non profit organizations.

Their employees have been eagerly volunteering on charitable institutions. Forbes reported that 93 percent of Microsoft employees think that the corporation is a good corporate citizen in the country and around the globe.

The corporation released Microsoft Youthspark that gives education, employment and entpreneurship opportunities to the youth. Microsoft did this to bridge the opportunity gap among youths of different classes.

Aside from Microsoft, there is Google who is still considered to be one of the best companies in the world. It is reported to have a strong workplace perception that has given them a strong CSR reputation.

Consumers believe that Google treats their employees fairly with their well-being taken into consideration. It is reported that their employees has been giving great CSR service

It is not just big corporations who are known to give great CSR even the small ones to like MetLife. MetLife is an insurance company known for hiring military veterans.

Just recently, they are dubbed by G.I. Jobs Magazine as Military Friendly Employer. Business Wire explained that this is the fifth time in a row that the corporation has been given this honor.

According to Ben McClellan, a veteran working for the company, believes that the corporation has integrity and excellence that is similar to the Army. He explained that he did not have a hard time transitioning to civilian life because of the corporation.

Aside from CSR, Jobs and Hire reported that proper leadership is also important to a company. A leader must be willing to take risks and is not afraid of failure they are able to make calculated decisions, like Microsoft, Google and MetLife that have great CSRs.

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