Nov 19, 2016 01:22 AM EST

‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Bags Should Be Empty To Get Experience, Draws Mixed Reactions From Players

The latest update on the "Pokemon GO" Pokestop is that it will not be giving the players any experience or items if their bag is full. Players would first need to make room in before they're able to spin a Pokestop. This new update has drawn mixed reactions from the game's players.

According to Otaku Art Anime Blog, before players can spin the Pokestop to get experience but will lose the items. Now players would need to make room in their bags in order to get the experience that a Pokestop would give.

Unsurprisingly, there were mixed reactions to the new update. Reddit users like Progendev are happy with the update.

He said that he likes that a stop can't be wasted anymore when the bag is full. "This is especially important since it's now harder to actually spin stops due to the speed limit. So the stops that you DO manage to spin are more critical, so you really don't want to waste one b/c your bag is full."

Some do not have any problem with the change as they are constantly dumping items anyway. Not everyone was happy with the new update of "Pokemon GO's" Pokestop, however. Some are complaining that the update would require them to do more item maintenance.

Reddit user Nealappeal is not happy, saying that "what if my inventory is balanced the way I like it? You should be getting rewarded for visiting a Pokestop, reaching a specific point of interest that Niantic wants you to visit. It takes effort."

There are also some are saying that it makes the process more difficult. A lot of users are relying on Pokestops to gain experience, but with the new update to the Pokestop of "Pokemon GO", players will now have to manage their items properly first before they can get any experience.

With this new update to the "Pokemon GO" Pokestop, players will now have to properly manage their items or get a bigger inventory. One positive note is that once you make room in your inventory, you can spin the stop again and get the experience. 

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