Nov 19, 2016 09:31 AM EST

Top 4 Blue Collar Jobs To Stay Hereafter: America Gearing For Proletarian Revolution?

By FG Dullin

With good stable careers often equated to landing a job in Google, Microsoft, Apple Inc, only very few would pay attention to decent blue collar opportunities. But just because manual labor is not popular or fashionable does not mean that fulfilling careers in this category do not exist.

Blue collar jobs still could not compete with tech-oriented careers for now. Nonetheless, a recent report published by Bloomberg LP discussed for categories of blue collar jobs that not only offer great pay but also will potentially continue hiring more staff for the next several generations. These are the following jobs highlighted.

No. 1: Automotive Services (technicians and mechanics)

Annual salary: $40,070

Demand: 587,320 to 692,570 employees from 1997 to 2015

No. 2: Electricians

Annual salary: $55,590

Demand: 512,290 to 640,260 employees from 1997 to 2015

No 3: Plumbing (plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters)

Annual salary: $55,100

Demand: 340,370 to 437,140 employees from 1997 to 2015

No. 4: Construction (welders, cutters, solders, and brazers)

Annual salary: $40,970

Demand: 336,810 to 438,560 employees from 1997 to 2015

These blue collar careers are more likely to continue for the next few decades. Why? Curiously, an article featured in Public Broadcast Service emphasizes the economic plan of President-elect Donald Trump to prioritize blue collar jobs that will boost America's manufacturing and infrastructure.

This nationalist economic policy bears an extremely positive forecast for these blue collar jobs. However, these projections do not alter the fact that most manual labor careers also have its own share of dangers. In fact, an article published by Jobs & Hire highlights one of these four careers as the most dangerous profession in America.

Nonetheless, skilled laborers with the relatively subpar educational background can still make a decent living with their noble yet unpopular calling. Despite the dangers that most of these jobs entail, it does not also change the fact that these four blue-collar careers carry the brightest torch for the future proletarian revolution.

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