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'Tokyo Ghoul' Movie Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Masataka Kubota As Kaneki Ken!

When it comes to film adaptations like "Tokyo Ghoul" Movie, it all boils down to perfection. How well the team recreates the universe and the setting of the anime will automatically declare the success of the movie. It is the same for the actor that will portray the lead role.

Creating the spectacular sci-fi-fantasy universe of "Tokyo Ghoul" is a huge challenge in itself and choosing for the actor that will play Kaneki Ken will be an enormous effort. The complexity and the emotional struggles of Kaneki Ken should be crystal clear to viewers and this job shouldn't be taken lightly.

A recent report confirms that the Japanese actor Masataka Kubota is selected to play Kaneki Ken for the upcoming "Tokyo Ghoul" Movie. Born on August 6, 1988, the 28-year-old actor Masataka Kubota has been in the business for a decade. He started in a television show entitled "Kazoku Zenzai" ("A Happy Family").

He is popularly known as the one who nailed Light Kagami's character in another adaptation of a popular manga and anime series, "Death Note". This won him the Best Actor award at the 86th Television Drama Academy Awards last 2015.

He also played as Kiyosato Akira, Battousai's last assassination target who gave Kenshin his iconic cross star in the film adaptation of "Rurouni Kenshin". Though he was given a short screen time, the character is as significant as the others. He also played Shoziro Ogura in the much-admired 2010 remake of "13 Assassins". We can expect more to his drama with "Tokyo Ghoul" Movie just around the corner.

With his portrayal of Light Yagami, there is no doubt that he will bring life to Kaneki Ken's character. Besides, when it comes to his acting, he has a lot of awards under his belt. The creator of "Tokyo Ghoul", Ishida Sui personally imaged Kubota as the best lead actor for the movie even before the cast was finalized.

"Tokyo Ghoul" Movie, with Kubota in mind will be a must-see event. Fans can now look forward in Summer 2017. In another article, "Tokyo Ghoul Season 3" will be delayed further next year due to major changes.

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